Portable Car Battery Charger

A 12-volt, portable car battery charger offers an efficient source of power for reviving dead batteries in a vast array of situations.

Car battery chargers are available in a multitude of different configurations, from those that sit on a docking station for an instance source of power, a multi-purpose tool offering a compact air compressor and jump starter in single package, or a combi unit with Jump-starter and built in radio.

A car charger unit can sit on an integrated dock station to offer constant starting power for a Car, SUV or Truck, while offering a perfect place to store and charge when not in actual use. A dock station is a perfect solution for instantly starting a vehicle, without need to rely on a almost dead back-up starter. In addition, a re-charge is often very quick after a jump-start. Battery charge level is determined via an easy-to-read LED display, color indicators can give a low-charge, medium, and full-charge status. A built-in halogen light can offer emergency lighting in all low-light or extreme conditions.

A jump starter and air compressor multi-purpose tool offers a powerful source of air and power in a single, convenient package. These units are equipped with DC power source for 12v accessories, and high-pressure air compressor unit. Constructed in a rugged polypropylene case for a lightweight, and portable build. Status of a batteries charge is determined via 3 LED’s (100%, 75% or 50% or less charged). Safety features exist on these combi units, such as jump-start protection to avoid clamp shorting, reverse hook-up protection, and overload alert. A perfect tool for those in need of portable air and power needs.

Portable power can also come in the shape of a Jump-starter with built-in radio, with ample power to jump-start a vehicle, as well as to power USB devices. Power sources include twin 12-volt DC outlets, a 12-volt charger, and twin 120-volt AC outlets. A versatile tool offering instant jump starting power – without a need for another vehicle, a source to power ordinary household objects, and an ultra bright LED light is there for roadside assistance.

Auto battery chargers make the ideal tool for resuscitating flat batteries when a vehicle wouldn’t start in the mornings due to cold weather or in times of emergencies. These portable chargers are also suited to recreational vehicles, small travel trailers, or on a boat when away from shore power.